The Peach Pear Plum Parenting Podcast


February 24, 2021

In a world where everything seems changeable and topsy turvy we turn to nature for solace. In this episode we explore 'Forest Bathing' or Forest Therapy and investigate how spending time in the woods can be soothing for our minds and nourishing for our families.

We interview Ben Porchuck, founder of the Global Institute of Forest Therapy to learn what Forest Therapy is all about and try a little forest bathing ourselves. For more info on Forest Therapy Guides or to find a forest therapist near you explore their website here

Thank you, as always, to Kootenay Kids for supporting this endevour and to our amazing production crew. Thanks to Nicole Purvis for keen sound editing, to Dave Ronald aka wav-DR. for our original theme song and songs throughout and to All Ears Music Studio for sound mastering and to Tyuss Ronald for help with the intro.

The sun is shining! Go outside and soak up some forest love.


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