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Episode #2 SINGING - Not Just for the Shower

October 7, 2020

Here we go with Episode #2 - the Singing Episode

If you thought singing was only for the shower you would be wrong...turns out singing in your daily life can be a helpful parenting tool. It helps with literacy skills, creates heart connections and may even be good for your health!

Join us as we interview three people who sing for their living, to children, to church congregations and the general public and learn some insights as to how singing affects our world.

Not musical yourself? Turns out it doesn't matter. Find out why.

Thanks to Melanie Harper of the Columbia Basin Alliance for Literacy Nelson, Robyn Daintry Lamb and Morien Jones aka Mr. Mojo for their time and musical contributions.

Be sure to check out Morien's new new EP, Eyes of Life, and thanks to him for the song we used, 'Time to Move On'.

Huge thanks to Nicole Purvis for her ace sound editing skills and thanks to Dave Ronald aka wav-DR. for our theme song and instrumentals throughout.

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