The Peach Pear Plum Parenting Podcast

Episode#7 Lemonade

July 2, 2021

Here it is... a cool refreshing sip of a podcast for your ears all about the best parts of summer; talk of tall icy drinks, summer activities to enjoy with our families, reminiscences of summer jobs past and what artists do when life offers a twist.

In this episode we interview Jess Phillips from the website about fun things going on this summer and Sydney Black, Executive Director of the Nelson Arts Council about what Mural Festival and Art Walk will look like this year

We connect with a few colleagues about their first summer jobs and we interview a local post man about the best parts of walking a mail route in the summertime.

As always, huge thanks to Kootenay Kids Society and Nelson's Family Place. Watch for the return of full programing this fall at Family Place including our free, drop in playgroup and Pancake breakfast!!

Love and gratitude to Nicole Purvis for her editing skills and a tall glass of lemonade to my family Tyuss Ronald and Dave Ronald of Allears Music Productions and Wav-Legion fame for the sound bytes, audio mastering and original music.




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