The Peach Pear Plum Parenting Podcast

Episode#4 - HOPE

December 18, 2020

In this episode we celebrate the return of the light by searching out what gives us hope during this dark and strange time.

What are you hopeful for? What does hope mean to you?

Usually we explore a word together, discussing what it means and how we interact with that word in our parenting and family lives.

This time we turn the microphones to you, our community, and ask what are you hopeful for?

Listen to local voices, young and young at heart, say what hope means to them and what they are hopeful for in the new year.

Here at Kootenay Kids we are grateful for the families we interact with, the community we work in and the donations, grants and funding that keep us going. We are hopeful for a safe and cozy winter with a return to normal programming soon. In the meantime, grab some tea, settle in and listen to this glimmer of HOPE.

Thank you to all the people willing to be interviewed for this piece.

Thank you, as always to Nicole Purvis for her ace editing skills and big love, thanks and gratitude to Dave Ronald, aka wav-DR. for the theme song and original music score.


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