The Peach Pear Plum Parenting Podcast

Episode #3 Bravery

December 1, 2020

What does it mean to be Brave? Are we only brave when we are little kids facing something scary? Or are we brave, as adults, everyday?

This episode we explore what it means to be Brave and how we can model bravery, courage and resilience for our children.

We remember times we had to be brave, and chat with friends and childcare experts on how to share with our children.

Thanks to Rosie in Ymir for her take on being brave with our art, courageous in our sports and flexible with our children and a big thank you to Cathy Swanston, Child and Youth counselor with Nelson Community Services for her input on creating resilience in our kids. are already doing it :)

As always, a huge dose of appreciation to Kootenay Kids Society for being brave and letting us create this podcast and love and gratitude to Dave Ronald aka wav-DR for our theme song and music tracks throughout.

Oh, and if you like hot sauce check out Rosie's Bear Bottom Hot Sauce on Face Book ...when she isn't being brave skiing or burlesque dancing, this multi talented lady creates a yummy hot pepper condiment to get you through the winter.



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